The brother and sister duo of Hans and Sophie Scholl are remembered as two of Germany's most outspoken and committed anti-Nazi activists, and leaders of the White Rose Resistance Group.

Throughout their childhoods, the Scholl family resided in the city of Forchtenberg, where their father Robert Scholl was the mayor for nearly a dozen years. Raised in the Lutheran faith, the Scholl children were taught tolerance from a very early age, and witnessed their father's objections to the German political climate of the early 1930s.

By 1942, both Hans and Sophie Scholl were enrolled in the University of Munich and had found a small circle of like-minded friends. They had not initially gathered as a political action group. But the exposure to artists and intellectuals of Munich and the subsequent imprisonment of their father (who had made a critical remark about Hitler) drove both siblings to reconsider their civic duty. Eventually the friends named themselves 'The White Rose', a non-violent resistance group that wrote and disseminated anti-Nazi propaganda.

In the summer of 1942, The White Rose group authored a series of six leaflets that called on Germans to passively resist Nazi ideology. Although Sophie herself had not authored any of the leaflets, she was critical in distributing the leaflets because SS officers were less likely to randomly search a woman. 

Unfortunately, in early 1943, while Hans and Sophie were secretly distributing their sixth leaflet on the University of Munich campus, they were caught by a staff custodian. They were immediately arrested and questioned by the Gestapo. Later, in a February 1943 show trial conducted by Hitler's People's Court (“Volksgerichtshof”), the two siblings were tried, sentenced to death, and executed by beheading on the same day.

On the wall of his prison cell, Hans had written: “Standing defiant before overwhelming power.” Today, Hans and Sophie Scholl are commemorated on the University of Munich campus and admired for their courage at a time when Germany was rife with collaborators.