“All I know is what happened after I was taken in the group, about fifteen, twenty of us. And we were marched into a distance away from these and some barracks, long barracks, so many barracks that you could see them for as long as you could honestly see the buildings, and everything was lined up long, long and we were put into one of those barracks. Those was some straw on the ground about the size of barracks, they pushed down there, left us there. And slowly the gypsies came in over there, popped orders, we were lying down, must have been 40-50 of us, told us to sit down, lay down there. There was so many barracks and they slowly began to fill up the barracks with people that I know of. I don’t know where the other people were taken, where the women and children, at that time I didn’t know. I know what happened to them later. But I was taken in the barrack over there, told to lay down on the straw; we couldn’t get out from the barracks. They were screaming and hollering and brought in a huge barrel of some food, a soup of some sort, they gave us two to three pitchers and told us to get something to eat.”