“And so, we still kept walking until we saw from far away smoke, a big chimney with smoke. We said to ourselves, here we go. Here must be a real bad place and that was the smell. He smelled it ahead of everyone else. When we came in, we figured this, we are never going to get out of here. Once we got them into the gate past the guards, we saw stacks and stacks of dead people stacked up like wood, one on top of the other, about six feet high, stacks and stacks of dead people like nobody. And even the lives ones in the camp, the camp looked like it was half alive, people were going around like ghosts. And we said to ourselves, where are we going? Here we are going to die. And they assigned us to some barracks or shacks, and inside it was already full with dying or half dying people. The smell, the dirt, terrible. We tried one night we slept in there, and the next night, we couldn’t stand it anymore. And because there was no one control, no more appeles, no one tell us to do this, do this. The guards were still there and they were shooting at people from the towers. (Interviewer: What was the smell like?) Oh, it was a dead foul smell, the smell of death.”