“I saw…I saw when I came off the train, I saw a bunch of Gestapo…they all crying at me you know they’re watching us. This I saw, no more. But they told us to sit down on the floor, they say sit down. All the young people you know who they picked…unknown words…the rest of them they send the other way, we don’t know where they send them. But…in a half an hour later they had…the noise…unknown word…ya know? We knew right away what this is already of that, of the place. (Interviewer: Was anybody from your family told to stay with you?) No. (Interviewer: They all went the other way?) All went, at one time in one shot. (Were you able to say anything to them before they walked away?) No, who can say? You know there were so much Gestapo…unknown words…the German, they punch you, hit you, you cannot say nothing.”