“Stutthof was a huge place. It was a huge concentration camp and of course everyone was in the stripped pajama things, and when we came in with our regular clothes there were German SS men…I think they were seven feet tall. Dogs that high! And whips with…they said, “watch your….”, you know…”You’re not in the regular garb?” and somebody tried to explain that this wasn’t our fault…we worked in the SS factory and well, they killed him immediately because he opened his mouth. So, we stood there and…ya know, got harassed and all this kind of business…we didn’t think we could survive that business. The women were marched off somewhere else to another place, and we were finally marched to the barracks that were 100 men barracks and we were but 800 men going into a barracks. Now, soap, water, things like that didn’t exist. We got these pajamas thrown at us we had to get rid of our trousers, riding pants, and a warm jacket, warm sweater and we got these paperthin goodies. I think they were made out of wood, scratchy, thin. Where our barracks were we had a view directly of the crematorium. Which was really uplifting because you could see the smoke going day and night. We had a couple of young fellas that went bonkers and they took them right out and that’s where they ended up. The word was that you gotta get out of here, somehow. Hook, crook, or whatever, this was not a place to survive.”