“We came one night, we arrived in Sachsenhausen but I didn’t know what it was, how it was, where we are going. All the time, we didn’t know that, where we are going. So just later I found out it was Sachsenhausen. The train stopping outside of the camp and they told us to make five people in one row and we were marching together towards a big door, the entrance of the camp. We came through a big door, we came to the camp. We were standing there in appellee, and we saw, I was so naïve that I didn’t know what’s what. We saw there a lot of, because it was night, I saw running around, a lot of couples in all these stripped pajamas. I told them we have pajamas. Because it was night and we saw them. But we didn’t stay there long, they put us in quarantine which was a delousing station, you know disinfections station. It was already winter, very cold, not heating nothing and we had to undress completely and then they were shaving us completely everything. So nothing could be on us. And then we had to submerge into a pool where it was—I don’t know that’s what they did with everybody and then under the showers. They gave us even a piece of soap. But everything was cold, cold, cold, cold, we were freezing. Finally, we got through that, we got these pajamas, too. Finally. And they showed us in the quarantine, we were there about two to three weeks in the quarantine and then to other barracks and to other barracks and again to other barracks. And finally, one day, they sent us to Heinkelwerke.”