“Ravensbruck was electrically wired camp. Barracks, we slept on the bare floor not even a straw sack. People died to your right and to your left. People just walked over the dead, some stepped on them, some didn’t. There were no bathroom facilities not even a pail or a garbage can. Nothing. You made under yourself or you went to the door. It was unbelievable. If everything else was bad before, this was worse. In that camp, it was one part men, one part women, separated by electrically charged wires. One time we observed there, I don’t know maybe somebody tried to flee and didn’t succeed. He was hung up on the electric wire without being charged, hosed down in the middle of winter and left hanging there with the icicles hanging on him. On the other side, one of the girls probably, there were girls from all over, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, Germany, everywhere. Apparently, one of the girls was either caught stealing a piece of bread from somebody else or trying to run away or whatever. She was put onto the wire, onto the fence, tied up and then electrocuted. And food was close to none. If you got once a day, a half of slice a day, what we consider here half a slice of bread that was a lot. Water, we picked up snow and ice to suck on it. Naturally not clean. That was our source of food.”