“Then we came into the camp that was Ravensbruck, we saw a huge camp with the gas chambers, with the smoke and people, their heads shaved. We still had our hair, cut short but we still had our hair. And it was different from what we saw all together. Before, we were kept in the barracks, we worked, we went to the barracks, we were all together. There, we saw everybody looked the same. Everybody looked alive. As they marched us to the barracks, we saw dead people lined up in front of the barracks. Finally, there we were. They brought us into a barrack with people we’ve never seen, we didn’t know. But I was with my friend Dora. (Interviewer: Did you see a lot of bodies?) A lot of bodies were outside. People that die overnight, they put them outside. Some of them completely naked, some of them clothed in that blue and white striped overcoat. And then came wagons, and they took them away to the crematorium to be burned. (Interviewer: What kind of wagons?) Like the um, headless, like they have these wagons. Large ones. Some people picked them up by their head and by the feet and threw them like a piece of dead meat. Like it was not at one time human people. They took them away to be burned in the crematoriums.”