“We arrived to Majdanek. When they opened the door, heaven and earth. I saw mountains of clothes, mountains of shoes. When I saw mountains, believe me, there was a mountain like higher than this house. Eyeglasses, hair, gold. I picked up my hand and said (Phrase in Yiddish) “Where is this coming?” And I saw it. They separate us. The Angel of Death came over, and I don’t even know his name. He was talking to us, so softly. You will be separated. You women and men, you will go to take a shower because we don’t want you people to get sick of typhus. The music was playing so loud. You hear crying. The men was calling the wife, the wife was calling the men. The son was yelling to the mama goodbye. And you know they came so fast, in ten, fifteen minutes, those people disappeared. He came over, the SS man, and said Judensteit? He picked 50, 30, 40 people. A lot of women, too. I don’t know where they went. I don’t know because in Majdanek, there was a camp for women too. And we went in to wash in the shower. When I was now in Majdanek, you don’t understand, we didn’t know what is going on over there. We didn’t have no idea, we didn’t know there was a gas chamber, we didn’t know there was gullies, we didn’t know they were going to throw you in, punish you, throw you into a cage. Going to pour cold water on you. We didn’t have no idea. When you were there, you find out everything. You know mouth to mouth.”