“Yes, there were maybe six or seven large wooden barracks. And some administration buildings and there was a brick factory. Really the only factory in the camp. My memory of the camp is very vague because the whole atmosphere was so awful, so deadly, that one really didn’t want to know. But there were quite a lot of people in each of the barracks, all men of course. We slept three to a bunk. We each had one blanket so the three of us would put all of our blankets over the three of us. Twice in the morning, I found a man next to me having died during the night. It was really quite...indescribable. One night, somebody had tried to escape from my barrack. The whole barrack was marched out. Every second was counted off and every second was going to be shot and I was among those. Suddenly, they found the man who had tried to escape. They decided not to shoot us but what they did to this man who tried to escape, I shall never forget…(crying). Well, they skinned him alive…”