“It was an enclosure fence but I don’t remember, no, the details, no, it’s so vague to me. The building was blown up, I remember that. And I remember the alley between the buildings looked like a big wide driveway and that’s where they dumped the bodies until they could bury them. (Interviewer: Did you see people outside the camp immediately?) No. (Interviewer: When you entered the camp, what did you see?) Number one, a lot of corpses, unbelievable, unbelievable, it was hard to believe that they were human, there was that many. And emaciated to where there was just skin drawn over bone. And mostly what we heard was the medics communicating and you know, there were so many in there trying to do so much in such a little time that they were hauling to be able to communicate with each other to get as much done in as short a period as possible. (Interviewer: Could you tell what ages the children were?) I would say that I saw some there that could be thirteen, fifteen, sixteen years old. (Interviewer: Can you tell me more about their physical condition?) Well you could see that they were starved to death and I suppose death was a relief for them.”