“The immediate impression, it was one of those ugly places where you’re not dealt with as a human being but as something that is despised. It is really organized to lose your self respect. To lose what you ever have been. And it took some quite time under the big gun to find some positive message. My quests for knowledge, for learning, was one thing that I would miss very soon. They are not only shaving of our hair from top to bottom, they are wiping away our entire past, what we have been, our education, our social standing, to our friends, to the way, how we lived. It all fell apart. We didn’t have names, only pin numbers. What ended up facing each other was naked humanity. You were what you were. It’s a piece of human. And there you could see how low this can go, to a depth you never imagined before. Both sides, this was the great lesson of Dachau.”