“And we arrived at that dreadling concentration camp called Buchenwald. Now Buchenwald was the first concentration camp ever devised by the Nazis. It used to be a political prisoner camp before the war when anybody that didn’t agree with Hitler’s doctrine and the Nazis was put into Buchenwald. But during the war, they were taking people from all over—Jews, Polacks, Frenchmen, Gypsies—and there was even a small prisoner of war camp of Americans. Of course, they had better conditions than what we had but they were there. Anyway, we arrived in the middle of the night and we heard the guards screaming for everyone to get up. They had German Shepard dogs with them and the dogs were barking and biting people and when they took us into camp, when we were marched in, the sign on top of the gates says, “works makes you free.” I wondered what they meant by that. But anyway, we walked in, I noticed in the corner of the camp, there was another barrack with a big tall chimney on top of that barrack and there was another sign that says, “The only way out of here is through this chimney”. In other words, this was the crematorium and you have to die to get out of here. There was no escape from Buchenwald. There were three tiers of electrified barbed wire there. There was no escape. There, I’ve seen the walking dead, their minds were gone, they looked like skeletons but the body wouldn’t lie down. Many times in the morning when you got up, you’d see some of them hanging on top of the wires. Apparently they did not know where they were going and they got hung up and electrocuted. From what I understand, there used to be a rifle factory right in the middle of the camp. But the Americans came and precision bombed that factory and since then there was no work in Buchenwald. The only thing we had to do was just twice a day go outside and be counted. There was no escape but they counted us twice a day. We didn’t realize it then but they were doing it for their own enjoyment. What happened was the guards would come with the dogs and they would count everyone and if someone would be missing, sometimes somebody was sick or overslept, they found that person. They would take him outside, throw him on the ground, let the dogs off their leashes, and I’ve seen with my own eyes, dogs tearing people alive, killing them to death.”