“I had to stop in the camp which is called Belzec. All my family perished there because no one goes there to this camp. It’s not far from my city. It’s like between Lublin and Zamosc and maybe from Varsha, it’s going to be four hours, so they don’t go. They don’t have anything there, they had only a monument that the Polish people put after the war. And they have the gate and it’s in terrible condition, I have to mention it because we are doing now something. I came back and I started and got in touch with the Wiesenthal Center and other people, because I got there seven people, my mother, my grandparents there, we had to go there. We went there and had to say Kaddish. We stand there for maybe an hour, look at this gate, there is nothing there. We hope that we will be able, because 600,000 Jews were killed there during ten months, it only existed for ten months, and all my family went there so we had to stop there. It was one of the painful things for me to go through. I took a little earth and buried it in Israel beside my aunt’s grave because all my family perished there.”