“We just thought this was not for us, not for us, it is some kind of lunatic asylum and we were going to be sent somewhere else. From a little distance, you could see the barbed wire, you could see shaven heads and the people who were working, they were wearing the stripped blue and white of gray and white coats. “Where are we?” They said, “What do you mean, you don’t know where you are, you’re in Auschwitz”. I asked the people who worked there, they were Germans as well but mainly they were people who looked like inmates but worked there. “So what is Auschwitz?” “What do you mean; you don’t know what Auschwitz is?” “No.” They got almost angry, “it’s a death camp.” “What do you mean a death camp?” “Well it’s exactly what we say, if you look and see and you will feel the smoke…” Can’t be. And then before we knew, we were just told men were separate and the women were separate, we were just being pushed and pushed and from a distance, I thought I saw someone touch a wire and fall and then we were told the wires were electrified and probably all of us were going to meet our death. It can’t be.”