“They told us that they are taking us to another place to work. Same story, and of course the same insignia at the entrance, Arbeit macht frei, work will liberate you, you will get freedom if you work. We go in and that was until we got out and when we got there. Really at a point where you had to have more than just courage to go on. I was lucky to be with the same girls I was with the same girls the last year or so and we gave each other support. I was the youngest of the group. There was an older one of the girls, she was older, she was probably in her thirties and she would always watch for me, watch out for me. We stuck together. And she said, you don’t separate yourself from us, it will be easy, ya? As we marched here in the holding place with Nazis all around us and dogs and noise we see across on the other side people with stripped clothes, with shaven heads, and we said, oh my, this must be where they keep the crazy people. That is why they walk around like that.”