“I didn’t realize then what’s happening, I have no clue whatsoever. After we went through the baths and the whole ritual of changing, (Interviewer: What was the ritual?) change clothes and they put you to showers and disinfect you. I don’t remember if they cut my hair or not, I don’t remember. Finally, we came, they took us, marched us to Birkenau to the camp itself. And took us in a barrack, there were already people there, and they were those barracks they had a big oven in the middle, a long thing, they used to be stalls and the horses used to be fed there. And the German appellee, he was practically naked, he walked through back and forth and says, ‘everyone give up their valuables. If I catch anyone with valuables, they are going to be beaten. You’d wish you going to be dead.’ They tried to extort money but people after four years, they didn’t have anything. And that took the late hours, finally we settled down to life, you have a routine, rush rush, everything was rush, rush. There I was for two months which is very unusual, usually they would send people right away.”