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Whatsoever the eye falls on

Marsh and wasteland everywhere

No bird greets us with its song

Hunp—backed oaks with branches bare

We are the Marshland soldiers

Marching with our spades

To the marsh!

Sachsenhausen, Stutthoff, Dachau

May God’s curse on you come down

Should I rot for a hundred years yet

Still my mighty song resounds

Once as slaves we marched here

Now knights all armed with sadness:

To war!

Heh! Treblinka, Auschwitz, Gusen!

Hearts held high, and high the fist:

Barbed wire death the coward chooses

Live now live, death is no rest

And though we are but poor slaves

The same sun shines above us each day

Bergen-Belsen, Ebensee

Head held high, and high the fist:

Liberty oh sweet Liberty

We’ll soon go home I swear, oh yes:

In camps of our despairing

Love will be there again…tomorrow