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Friedrich Wilhelm Kritzinger (April 14, 1890 – April 25th, 1947) was a German official and state secretary in the Reich Chancellery during the period of National Socialism.  He joined the Nazi Party in 1938.
He was the deputy head of the Reich Chancellery under Hans Lammers, and was present at the Wannsee Conference as Lammers' representative. Thus, in 1939/40, he assisted in drafting ordinances against
“despoilers of the people” (Volksschädlinge), and also in the draft of the 11th Ordinance to the Reich Citizenship Law on the basis of which the German Jews were deprived of their property prior to their deportation. In 1942/43, as state secretary, he busied himself with the draft of ordinances designed to delimit the right of appeal for Jews in legal matters. Following the conference, he attempted to resign his position in the Chancellery, but his resignation was refused on the grounds that "it would be worse without him". It is speculated by historians that he may have openly and vocally opposed the Wannsee protocols, which would have explained his resignation, but no accurate historical record exists to support or confirm such speculation. During the Nuremberg Trials, he publicly declared himself ashamed of the criminal atrocities committed by the Nazi regime. He was acquitted, and died in Nuremberg the following year.