Roland Freisler was a prominent Nazi judge and State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice during the third Reich. Freisler was also the President of the Volksgerichtshof (People's Court), which was set up outside constitutional authority. This court handled political actions against Hitler's dictatorial regime by conducting a series of show trials. In this position he and other members of the Court sentenced thousands of political opponents to death. Freisler joined the Nazi Party in July 1925.  He served as defense counsel for members of the Party who got in trouble with the law. In February 1933, Freisler was appointed department head in the Prussian Ministry of Justice. He was Secretary of State in the Prussian Ministry of Justice in 1933–1934, and in the Reich Ministry of Justice from 1934–1942. He represented the latter at the Wannsee Conference (20 January 1942), where he stood in for Minister Franz Schlegelberger, as regarding the detailed plans of the Final Solution, the murder of all European Jews.

At the Wannsee Conference, Freisler represented the ministry which since the passage of the Nuremberg Laws in 1935 was principally involved in the persecution of the Jews along juridical lines. Freisler was considered a “guarantor of National Socialist convictions.” Freisler was one of the most eared judges in the Nazi regime.  Freisler was conducting a session of the People' Court on February 3, 1945 when Berlin was attacked by American bombers. Freisler perished in Berlin during the air raid.