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Otto Hofmann was an official of Nazi Germany's "Race and Settlement Main Office". Originally trained as a wine salesman, he joined the SS in 1931. From 1940-1943, Hofmann was head of the RuSHA (Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt – the Race and Settlement Main Office). Hofmann occupied a leading position from 1940 until 1943 in the various Germanization policies involving the territories of Poland and the Soviet Union. He was responsible for “racial testing,” as a result of which various ethnic groups were driven from their land and replaced by Germans from different countries; for the abduction of Polish children to Germany; and for “SS-genealogical preservation” (SS-Sippenpflege). He participated in the Wannsee Conference where he demanded that demanded emphatically that people of “mixed blood”(Mischlinge) be sterilized.. In 1948 Hofmann was sentenced to 25 years in prison for war crimes, but he was pardoned in 1954.