Erich Neumann joined the Nazi Party in May 1933. In 1936, he was appointed the director of the Foreign Currency department of the Office of the Plenipotentiary for the Four Year Plan. By 1938, Neumann was promoted to undersecretary and represented the Ministries of Economy, Labor, Finances, Food, Transportation, and Armaments and Ammunition. At the Wannsee Conference, he represented the Ministries of Economic Affairs, Labor, Finances, Food, Transportation as well as Armaments and Munition. As Göring’s state secretary, he looked out for the interests of the administrative office of the war economy and strongly suggested to defer the deportation of Jewish workers employed in firms essential to the war effort. Between August 1942 and May 1945, Neumann was the general manager of the German Potassium Syndicate. He was interned and interrogated by the Allies in 1945 after the war but released due to poor health in 1948.