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Dr.  Rudolf Lange (18 April 1910 – 23 February 1945) joined the SS in 1936 and worked in the Berlin Gestapo office. From May to July 1940, Lange ran the Gestapo offices of Weimar and Erfurt,   He served as commander of the SD and SIPO in Riga, Latvia. He was personally invited by Heydrich to participate in the Wannsee Conference, as he had established himself as an obedient listener to Heydrich and Himmler. Lange as a SS-Major was the lowest ranking of the present SS officers. At the Wannsee Conference he was the “experienced practitioner” of mass executions, as Lange was largely responsible for implementing the extermination of Latvia's Jewish population (Eizengruppen). 

Lange also personally supervised executions conducted by the Arājs commando.[12] He appears to have ordered that all the SD officers should personally participate in the killings. In November 1941 Lange was deeply involved in the planning and carrying out the murder of 24,000 Latvian Jews from the Riga ghetto which occurred on November 30 and December 8, 1941. This crime has come to be known as the Rumbula massacre.

He was either killed in action or committed suicide in April 1945.