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Dr. Josef Buhler was State Secretary of the Nazi-controlled General Government.  Buhler, a lawyer by profession, worked under Hans Frank, a legal advisor to Adolf Hitler and a member of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Buhler joined the NSDAP on April 1, 1933, and was appointed administrator of the Court of Munich. In 1935, Buhler became district chief attorney.  in September 939, after the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany, Buhler accompanied his mentor Hans Frank to Krakow. From June 1941, Buhler was permanent deputy of Governor General Hans Frank, and in this position shared in the responsibility for all crimes committed against the Polish population and for the mass genocide of the Jews in Poland. At the Wannsee Conference he urged Heydrich to start the “Final Solution” in the General government where, he stated, no “transport problems” existed. Furthermore, Buhler stressed that he wanted “a speedy solution of the Jewish question in this territory.” In 1942, Buhler participated in the preparations for German settlements near Lublin and the abduction of Poles to Germany for forced labor. After the war, Buhler was extradited to Poland and tried before the Supreme National Tribunal of Poland for crimes against humanity. He was executed on August 22, 1948.