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Gerhard Klopfer was one of the most influential and best informed bureaucrats of the Nazi regime. As he was both Head of Constitutional Law Section III of the Nazi Party chancellery and also Martin Bormann’s deputy, he was in charge of questions relating to “Race and National Character,” economic policies, cooperation with the Reich Security Main Office, and basic policies referring to the politics of occupation. In November 1942, he participated as state secretary in restricting the rights of Jews living in “mixed marriages.”  In 1933, Klopfer joined the Nazi party. In 1935, he became a member of Rudolf Hess's staff and in 1938, he was responsible for the seizing of Jewish businesses and questioning mixed marriages between Gential and Jewish Germans.  As State Secretary of the Parteikanzlerei (Party Chancellery), Klopfer represented Bormann, who was head of the Parteikanzerlei, at the Wannsee Conference Klopefer fled Berlin in 1945. Captured and imprisoned, he was released for lack of evidence.  He was the last surviving attendee of the Wannsee Conference, dying in 1987.