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Georg Leibbrandt was a scholar and politician in the Nazi Party. After joining the Nazi party in 1933, He was named director of the Eastern Division of the Foreign Policy Office of the NSDAP. Leibbrandt was
also placed in charge of anti-Soviet and anti-Communist propaganda. Leibbrandt and Alfred Meyer attended the Wannsee Conference in 1942; both represented the Ostministerium. Two days after the Wannsee Conference, he issued invitations for an official meeting to discuss the definition of the term “Jew” in the “Eastern Territories.”  In the summer of 1943, for unknown reasons, he ceased his duties in the Ministry and joined the Kriegsmarine (German Navy). Leibbrandt was kept in Allied internment from 1945 to May 1949. In January 1950, he was formally charged with involvement in the destruction of Jews. The case against him was dismissed on August 10, 1950 and he was released. He died in Bonn on June 16, 1982.