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Dr. Alfred Meyer (October 5, 1891 – April 11, 1945) was a Nazi official, achieving the rank of Staatssekretär and Deputy Reichsminister in the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories (Reichministerium für die Besetzten Ostgebiete or Ostministerium). In April 1928, he joined the Nazi party and became a local leader. Allowing the Nazi seizure of power Meyer was appointed Reichsstatthalter (deputy governor) of Lippe und Schaumburg-Lippe in May 1933 and he was made Staatsminister (governor) of the federal government for Lippe und Schaumburg-Lippe in August 1936.

In 1939 Meyer was made Chef der Zivilverwaltung and in 1941 he became deputy to Alfred Rosenberg in the Reich Ministry for the Occupied Eastern Territories. Meyer was responsible for the departments of politics, administration and economics. In this role he directed the exploitation of the occupied Soviet areas, the suppression and murder of its inhabitants, particularly Jews, and the organization of slave labor. Meyer attended the Wannsee conference in January 1942 as a representative for Rosenberg.  Meyer had been invited to the Wannsee Conference because the genocide of the Jews on the part of the Special Units (Einsatzgruppen) was already underway in the region which his ministry administered. Meyer suggested at Wannsee that “certain preparatory measures” should always be carried out locally so as not to create unrest among the civilian population. In July 1942, he proposed to subject persons of “mixed blood” (Mischlinge) in the Soviet Union to the same measures applied to the Jews.

Meyer committed suicide on April 11, 1945.