The Holocaust was not the act of one man, but of an entire nation. Thousands and thousands of people participated in large and small ways in the slaughter of millions. On this wall are some of the Nazi leaders who spearheaded the plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe. But they did not act alone.  In fact, few of them took part personally in the killing apparatus. The murdering was done by others, by ordinary Germans and their collaborators. It is one of the enduring questions of history, how a civilized people could be mobilized to act in such a barbaric manner.


Martin Luther's Eight Point Plan

Dr. Josef Buhler

Adolf Eichmann

Roland Freisler

Reinhard Heydrich

Heinrich Himmler

Otto Hoffmann

Dr. Gerhard Klopfer

Wilhelm Kritzinger

Dr. Rudolf Lange

Dr. Georg Leibbrandt

Josef Mengele

Dr. Alfred Meyer

Heinrich Muller

Erich Neumann

Dr. Eberhard Schöngarth

Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart