From the end of December 1941, Tania kept the short records noting death of her family members in the German-besieged Leningrad. Due to the extreme shortage of food-supplies caused by the German-imposed blockade of the city and unequal rationing of the available food-stock exerted by the Soviet authorities, hundreds of thousands of Leningrad’s citizens died of starvation or malnutrition. While Leningrad’s ordinary people were starving to death, the Soviet and Party apparatus did not experience shortage of food or clothing supply. The Soviet nomenclature lived in the German-besieged Leningrad in a different universe comparing to the ordinary citizens.


(Diary text):
Tania Savicheva, a twelve-year-old girl wrote these death records on the small paper-sheets:
In the first row:
1. Zhenia died on 28th December, at 12:30 AM, 1941
2. Grandma died on 25th January, 3 PM, 1942
3. Leka died on 17th March at 5 AM, 1942
4. Uncle Vasia died on 13th April at 2 o’clock after midnight, 1942
5. Uncle Liosha died on 10th May at 4 PM, 1942

In the second row:
1. Mother died on 13th May at 7:30 AM, 1942
2. Savichevs died
3. All died
4. Only Tania is left