“Summoned to the police (Oberstleutenant Daume).   By tomorrow the Community must pay 100,000 Zlotys for the beating up of a Volksdeutschin  (ethnic German woman). Otherwise 100 Jews will be shot. I appealed to the Gestapo for the annulment of the fine, then, for permission to pay it in installments, and finally for the release of the Community from the obligation of clearing the snow, which would let us save some money. Nothing came out of it. We must pay up and tomorrow morning at that. Under these circumstances I began a money collection in the Community. We must borrow 100,000 and then get it back from the taxpayers. 

At the same time the police are pressing us to pay 6100 Zlotys for 61 Jewish men and women who were caught without the armbands. In view of all these tribulations I asked the SS to be released from the chairmanship since I find it impossible to manage the Community under these abnormal conditions. In reply I was told that this would be inadvisable.

I was given a letter to the Reichskreditkasse  on the exchange of the hundreds and five-hundreds on smaller denominations. Tomorrow another day of agony.”

Comments: It was a direct excerpt from The Warsaw Diary of Adam Cherniakow, editors Raul Hilberg, Stanislaw Staron, and Josef Kermisz (New York: Stein and Day, 1979), p. 111.