On the Medical Situation, from a nurse’s notes in Ringelblum Archives (Theme: Warsaw Ghetto)


"I am on duty from 3 to 11... Two and three children sick with measles are put in one bed... Their heads are shaven, covered with scabs... lice all over... Other children are waiting in the reception room. I have no beds, no underwear, no blankets, no linen. I call up the chief on the phone... Her answer is terse: place a third child in every bed with only two patients, that's all... It is very cold in the wards.  They cling to each other under the blankets. They are shaking from fever... A child with hunger edema is lying in the hall. It moves its lips begging for a piece of bread... I try to feed it, but he cannot swallow food anymore. He whispers: "A piece of bread" once more and falls into an eternal sleep."