1. Germany occupied Sudetenland, a historically German-inhabited territory along Czechoslovakia’s north, west, and southern borders. It was a loss of territory and the lines of military defense installations. October 1938.

2. Poland regained a small portion of Czech Moravian territory known as Polish-populated Zaolzie, This region was detached from the new Polish Republic in the result of the Polish-Czech military conflict in 1919-1920. October 1938.

3. Hungary annexed the southern stripe of Slovakia, originally referred as Felvidek, or northern Hungary. Hungary also attained control over several major towns in the Czechoslovak province of Carpatho-Ruthenia (Podkarpatska Rus) populated by a Hungarian minority. These annexations became possible as a result of the First Vienna Award (November 1938).

4. Podkarpatska Rus while retaining its status as a Czechoslovak province was given an autonomous status. Since its major towns were now under Hungarian control, the provincial capital was moved to Chust.