Max_BrodMax Brod was a Czech-born Jewish author, composer, and journalist who is best-known as the literary executor and biographer of the writer Franz Kafka. Born in 1884, Brod attended German language schools such as Charles Ferdinand University where he met Kafka in 1902. Graduating in 1907, he went on to work in the civil service. His relaxed working hours there afforded the chance to develop his writing. By 1924, he had established himself as a prominent freelance writer and art critic.

Unlike Kafka, Brod rapidly became a prolific writer and well-known personality. His first novel made him a critical favorite and was celebrated as a masterpiece of expressionism. But despite his own successes, Brod selflessly promoted other writers and musicians including Franz Werfel, and Jaroslav Hasek.

His support of his dear friend Kafka however was unmatched. Brod often reassured Kafka about the quality of his work;  and praised him as "the greatest poet of [his] time". 

Although Kafka's will stipulated that his unfinished works be incinerated, Brod (who was named as the executor) refused to do so. When the Nazis took Prague in 1939, Brod fled to Palestine. He took with him a suitcase of Kafka's papers, some of which he later edited and published as collected works.

Brod later settled in Tel Aviv, where he spent his remaining years writing. He died in 1968. Today he is best remembered for writing the first biography of his friend: Franz Kafka, A Biography (1937).