These are the audio guides available in Room 2.

Adolf Hitler

Anti-Jewish Measures and Legislation

Nuremberg Laws

Jews Removed from Civil Service

Nazi Propaganda

Nazi Identity Card of Zyklon B Innovator

Reichstag Fire

Boycotts and Protests


Links to Several Banned Authors & Works

Degenerate Art & Music

Hitler’s Rise to Power (Theme: Nazi Rise to Power)

Discrimination Against Homosexuals, Jehova’s Witnesses, Freemasons, Political Dissidents

Berlin Olympics 1936

1936 Berlin Olympics – The Debate Over the 1936 Berlin Olympics (Theme: Berlin Olympics)

How the Forchheimer Family Escaped

Anschluss of Austria

Evian Conference

Munich Accord

Explanation to the Post Munich Map of Europe (Theme: Munich Accord)

Munich Pact, September 29, 1938 (Theme: Munich Accord)





St. Louis

Concentration Camps (Theme: First Concentration Camps – Dachau)