(Intro Summary):  Hello there.  This is Reinhard Prinz, also known as Ray Prinz.  I am from the “free city” of Danzig.  It is now Polish.  It was ceded to Poland after the Second World War by the United Nations.  It was declared a “free city” in 1918 or 1919 after the First World War after Germany lost the war.  It had been German. The League of Nations declared it a “free city.”  My parents came for West Prussia, from very small towns.

(Detail Text):  Standing in front is a sampler that my mother made when she was attending school probably around the turn of the century.  It has her initials and coincidentally it has the initials of my grandfather, Simon Levinsky and my mother’s name Sidoni Levinksy.  She was actually trying all the different stitches she could think of, cross stitch and darning etc etc.  We are seeing the sampler that my mother made while she was in school around probably 1905.  She was born in 1896 actually.  You are also standing in front of a coffee pot and coffee cup and saucer that was made in Poland in the late 20s early 30s, sold in Danzig, and bought by my parents in probably 1932 or 1933.  It has a petiflur, and little flowers on it.  It is an incomplete set of course.  There is one spoon, one soup spoon only, a knife and fork which is also Polish.  We bought it in 1938 when we were leaving Poland.  We had escaped from Danzig in 1938 and went to Poland and spent time there while we were getting our visas from the American Consulate in Warsaw.  Just prior to leaving Poland since we couldn’t take any of the Polish things with us, we, my parents bought the silverware, it is not actually silver, but it is Polish made.  So what we have here is the sampler, coffee pot, silverware etc. etc.

Thank you very much for viewing the items that mean a lot to me because my brother and I actually packed a few items.  My parents left Danzig in 1938 in order to avoid arrest and told my brother and myself to pack a few items that we could use, which my brother and I did and we took them to Poland, some of the cherished items, that I thought would something to my mother and dad.

Thank you.