On display in the museum are several cooking utensils and cookbooks that were saved by survivors of the Holocaust as mementos of their lives before the war. Like other cultures, the Jewish people have developed a cuisine with a distinctive flavor palate.

Matzah ball soup (pictured below) is a typical Jewish delicacy, derived from the Jewish holiday of Passover where only unleavened flour (Matzah) is used.  Jews who keep the laws of Kashrut from the Torah use separate dishes for dairy and meat meals. At many celebrations, Jews drink wine that must be prepared in a kosher manner. 

Historically, these practices were not well understood by Christians, and were used by anti-Semites to incite violence against Jews. For example, a recurring accusation that Jews used the blood of Christian children for ritual purposes, led to numerous violent outbursts against Jews from the Middle Ages through the time of the Holocaust.