Taylor_Jack [Only hours after the liberation of the Mauthausen camp, Lt. Col. George C. Stevens, the famed Hollywood director, produced a film entitled "Nazi Concentration Camps," where he interviewed Lt. Jack Taylor. The film was later shown at the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal on November 29, 1945.]


"I’m Lieutenant Senior Commander Jack H Taylor, US Navy of Hollywood California. Believe it or not this is the first time I’ve ever been in the movies. I have been working overseas in occupied countries in the Balkans for 18 month. In October 44, I was the first allied officer dropped in Austria. I was captured December 1st by the Gestapo, severely beaten. Even though I was in uniform, I was severely beaten and considered as a non-prisoner of war. I was taken to Vienna  Prison where I was held for 4 months. When the Russians neared Vienna, I was taken to this Mauthausen Concentration lager [camp], an extermination camp, the worst in Germany where we have been starved and beaten and killed. Fortunately my turn hadn’t come. Two American officers at least have been executed here. Here is the insignia of one, a US Naval officer and here is his dog tag. Here is the army officer, executed by gas here in this lager [camp]."

[Question:] How many ways did they execute them?

"5 or 6 ways- by gas, by shooting, by beating -- that is beating with clubs -- by exposure -- that is standing out in the snow naked 38 hours and having cold water thrown on them in the middle of winter -- starvation, dogs, and pushing over a 100 foot cliff. This is all true, has been seen and is now being recorded."

[Question:]  How did you get this uniform you have on?

"I came here in uniform but it was taken away from me and this was substituted for it with my number and USA.  I have been condemned to death along with another American also in this camp. Fortunately the 11th armor division has come through and saved us in time"