Names Instead of Numbers: Prisoners of Dachau Concentration Camp

This international traveling exhibit from Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site’s Remembrance Book Project is a collection of biographies that gives voice to some of the 200,000+ prisoners who were deported to Dachau between 1933 and 1945. The exhibit is supplemented with artifacts, letters, photographs, and personal testimonies from LAMOTH's collection and curated to depict the different groups of people targeted by the Nazis for dehumanization, slave labor, torture, and death.


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S. Mark Taper Foundation Atrium

Room 1: The World That Was

Room 2: Rise of Nazism

Room 3: Onset of War, Ghettoization, Extermination

Room 4: Deportation & Extermination 

Room 5: Labor/Concentration/Death Camps

Room 6: World Response, Resistance, Rescue

Room 7: Life After Liberation

Room 8: Survivor Presentation/Temporary Exhibit Room

Room 9: The Tree of Testimony

Holocaust Monument & Martyrs Memorial

Goldrich Family Foundation Children's Memoriall