The Art and Life of David Labkovski

Labkovski, who was born in 1906 and grew up in Vilna, Lithuania, painted and sketched scenes of Jewish life before, during and after the Nazi occupation. Labkovski spent eight years in a Soviet labor camp, and later moved from Vilna to the artist colony of Safed in Israel in 1958, where he lived until his death in 1991. This exhibition marks the first time a significant collection of Labkovski's art has been on display in the United States. THROUGH JUNE 14.


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S. Mark Taper Foundation Atrium

Room 1: The World That Was

Room 2: Rise of Nazism

Room 3: Onset of War, Ghettoization, Extermination

Room 4: Deportation & Extermination 

Room 5: Labor/Concentration/Death Camps

Room 6: World Response, Resistance, Rescue

Room 7: Life After Liberation

Room 8: Survivor Presentation/Temporary Exhibit Room

Room 9: The Tree of Testimony

Holocaust Monument & Martyrs Memorial

Goldrich Family Foundation Children's Memoriall