Archival and Research Internship


The Archive of the LAMOTH is a core unit for exhibit-formation, research in the Holocaust History and ongoing education. This Archive comprises over 140 Record Groups, structured by collections and sub-collections. In contains around 12,000 documents of prewar time, the Holocaust era and post-war period. The volume of an average document varies from a few pages to several hundred pages. Calculations relate the entire volume of the archival documents to the amount of 483,000 pages.

The Archival and Research Intern will work closely with the Archival department staff. There is an opportunity to become familiar with Museum exhibits and archival documents through the digitization and cataloging historical documents and artifacts, as well as to research and organize exhibit information and perform day-to-day tasks and archival/exhibit support. The Archival Intern will work with the Director of Archives, Library, and Historical Curatorship and the Processing Archivist and with the team of our interns.  The Intern will work with historical documents and artifacts and gain a greater understanding of archival cataloging.

Archival and Research Intern will work primarily with our online Archival Catalog narrating finding aids for the collections, sub-collections and documents in order to give researchers and visitors access to the wealth of historic information in the collections.

This Internship may be part of your study curriculum and upon the agreement with your educational institution you may receive credits.

Main duties,

Work with online archival information system, narrating historical and bibliographic descriptions from the collection to a document level;

Digitize and create finding aids for newly acquired Archival Collections;

Research and organize exhibit information;

Providing Archival department support.

Take part in the Research Projects



This Internship is designed for college level sophomores, juniors, or seniors who are preparing for a career in Modern History, Jewish History, German Studies, Archival Studies, Information and Library Sciences, Museum Studies, or related fields. A basic understanding of Holocaust History and the History of the 20th Century is preferred. Applicants with language skills in German, Yiddish, or Hebrew, basic photography, and/or Adobe CS programs are highly encouraged to apply.  Knowledge and experience in programming of databases for archives and/or a Computer Science background is highly desirable.

Please email your letter of interest and CV or Resume to Dr. Vladimir Melamed, Director of Archive, Library and Historical Curatorship