Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust invites undergraduate and graduate students to a Research and Archival Internship Program: East-Central Europe, National Narratives: interwar and war-time periods.

Hanna Franklin, Archival and Research Intern, a graduate student from New York University


This Project is based on our recently launched Research and Archival Catalog,

Modern archives are like repositories of high literature, enabling people to comprehend the discourse of the Past, by conveying the message of truth. There is no alternative to the preservation of every evidence of the Past for these evidences are the foundation for our secure Present and better Future. 

Our archival materials have been collected since the inception of the Holocaust memorial room in the early 1960s. However, for the long time, archival records remained only stored, rather than processed in accordance with the principles of historic and archival relevancy. The year 2006 marks the beginning of archival reorganization and restructuring. Nowadays, we have a modern repository comprising over 180 Record Groups or 998,000 pages of documents. In electronic format, it is 146 GB of digital documents.

Indexing of rare publications in Polish, Ukrainian and German is an integral part of a larger-scope research.

Themes and discourses:

-- Jewish national narrative in Polish language. Jewish - Polish dailies ChwilaNowy Dziennik, 1918 - 1939;

-- Ukrainian national narrative, Ukrainian periodicals published in Lviv, Eastern Galicia, DiloNasz Prapor, 1918 - 1939;

-- Ukrainian national narrative in German-occupied Ukraine, as reflected in Ukrainian collaborationist periodicals, 1940 - 1945;

-- Polish national narrative of the interwar period as reflected in the following publications and periodicals: Sprawy Narodowosciowe,Gazeta PolskaDrogaMysl NarodowaKurjer LwoskiSlowo Polskie, MuchaIlustrowany Kuryer CondziennyCzasGazeta LwowskaABCNowosci Ilustrowane, Nowa Reforma, Cirulnik Warszawski;

-- Interwar Poland: Sociodemographic, national and religious structure and a correlated discourse. Two Polish national censuses.First General Census of Polish population1921Second General Census of Poland1931;

-- Interwar Poland: Ethnonational, social and political discourse as reflected in the records of the sessions of Polish Sejm,Sprawozdanie Stenograoficznez posiedzenia Sejmu RP;

-- German national narratives of post-Weimer and wartime, Volkischer BeobachterWehrmacht

-- Collaboration in the Holocaust. The role of local auxiliary police. Digitized documents from the Lviv, Stanislaviv and Ternopil State Archives, Ukraine.

The aforementioned historic publications and periodicals are digitized and per se constitute the subjects for multi-vectorial research projects.

In this regard, Department of Archive, Library and Collections seeks prospective researchers among the students proficient in Polish Ukrainian and German languages.


  • Enrollment in undergraduate or graduate program in Modern History, Art History, Political Science, Linguistics, Slavic Languages and Literatures;
  • Proficiency in Polish, Ukrainian and German languages;
  • Knowledge of applied research work;
  • Experience in archival work


Research and Archival internship replicates an upper-division university seminars. This is a minimum three-month internship corresponding to a university level research projects.

Please send your letter of interest and CV or Resume to Dr. Vladimir Melamed, Director of Archive, Library and Collections.