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FEB 28, 2011

Technology + Art = iPhone apps (

Technology + Art = iPhone apps

February 28, 2011

I saw an article in Art Daily that caught my attention: “A New iPhone App, Which Recognizes Art, Set to Transform the Art Fair Experience.” It was bound to happen and I entirely expected this transformation in the art world.

We already saw the infiltration of technology into experiencing art with the creation of Google’s Art Project . Now, iPhone users can experience New York art fairs digitally.

The Collectrium iPhone app.

    “The art fair visitor equipped with the Collectrium mobile app will be able to point her iPhone at any registered artwork exhibited at the fair and:
    • instantly receive extensive information on the artist and the piece;
    • add the artwork to “My Collection” favorites;
    • share with friends via Facebook, Twitter and email;
    • contact the gallery about the artwork.” –Art Daily

The app is essentially a “social art management system” and aims to enhance art visits.

Art going digital isn’t a new idea. However, I wonder how far this notion will venture in the art world. I did some research on what’s out there now…

Turns out, iPhone and digital apps are quite the trend in the museum industry. For example, the Martin Agency in Richmond, Virginia has used QR codes in ads and a Facebook page dedicated to their Picasso exhibit that opened in mid-February.

Because QR codes are “ugly”, the agency decided to create a portrait of Picasso using the QR codes.  I must say, that is too cool for school.

iPhone apps are also being increasingly created by museums in the U.S. The Museum of Modern Art, the American Museum of Natural History, the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the American Museum of Natural History, all have iPhone apps (just to name a few).

Some argue that the infiltration of digital touring into museums takes away the art experience: the getting lost, the discovering items, the taking notes and looking up information when you get home aspects of museums. With iPhone apps, you can easily find a map of the museum, where the closest restroom is, and additional information about some exhibits.

But, could this be enhancing a viewer’s experience? I guess only time will tell the true impact of these applications on the art experience. But like I said, I definitely expected it.

In turn, Apple is also influencing how art is created. Mashable highlights some awesome iPhone, iPod touch and iPad creations made on apps through these devices…

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