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JAN 21, 2011

The Company for Location & Restitution of Holocaust Victims’ Assets

The Company for Location & Restitution of Holocaust Victims’ Assets is a unique entity, founded under the mandate of the Law for Holocaust Victims Assets (2006).

The main goal of the company is to right an historical injustice by returning assets, purchased in pre-state Israel by Holocaust victims, to their rightful owners. Since its inception, the company has returned assets valued at 40 million NIS (about $10.2 million).

The company is a non-profit organization. Any applications or requests from potential heirs or individuals looking to locate an asset are carried out free of charge.

The Company is composed of three main branches:

1.    Assets Location & Heir Search Division

This branch is charged with all activities dealing with locating both assets not registered with the company as well as heirs to existing assets being managed by the company.

·    Assets are located by cross referencing both public and private archives, utilizing various databases and analyzing historical data made available to company researchers. This division is also in charge of transferring discovered assets to the company’s administration care, based on the requirements as indicated by law.
·    The Company actively searches and contacts heirs of Holocaust victims who have left behind assets. The division conducts genealogical research to build a family tree which can help lead us to heirs. Researchers, lawyers and investigators utilize country censuses, global databases, archives, internet resources and similar organizations to complete these tasks.  

2.    Restitution Division

This branch checks restitution requests of potential heirs corroborating both the identification as well as the legitimacy of claimant on a specific claim. The division has three departments to handle claims based on the type of asset be it real estate, bank accounts or shares in Jewish organizations. The division compares data provided by the claimant to that in the asset file to determine eligibility of each claim based on the State of Israel’s inheritance laws.     

3.    Holocaust Survivors Aid Division

The Company has been mandated by law to assist Holocaust survivors in need, based in Israel, using the resources derived from assets whose heirs could not be found. The company also gives grants to organizations which are directly involved with survivor welfare. The division directly disburses quarterly stipends and supports programs which provide; food stuffs, medical & dental care and other key necessities.


More detailed information can be found on their website