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NOV 22, 2010

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Showing a little love for something local to LA, the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust opened recently and it’s got some nice interactive exhibits.

The museum is a fairly small space and so interactive was required to allow visitors to as much content as possible. The experience may not be revolutionary, but it’s elegantly done. There are three interactive components: 1) the “World That Was” is an interactive table with images that float to the surface and can then be selected by visitors; 2) “18 Camps” kiosks detail experiences at individual concentration camps, and 3) the “Audio Guide” gives overview information on the galleries as well as detailed information on artifacts.

The overall information, content and interaction strategy was designed by LA-based Variate Labs whose site has a good overview of the project. The interactive pieces were designed by Potion, whose website has detailed information on the three interactive projects.

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