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SEP 25, 2009

L.A. Holocaust Museum Announces Honorees for 2nd Annual Dinner

LOS ANGELES, CA - Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust announced today it selected Academy Award winning Producer Branko Lustig as its honoree at its 2nd Annual Dinner. The Museum will also confer a Lifetime Achievement Award upon Dr. Andreas Maislinger, founder and chairman of the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service, and the 2009 Student of the Year Award on Samuel A. Rauch, a senior at Dartmouth College.

Executive Director Mark Rothman said, “We are extremely fortunate this year to celebrate honorees who represent the best of Holocaust education and commemoration. Our 2nd Annual Dinner will allow us to thank those who’ve honored us with their support, innovation, hard work and dedication to making sure the events of the Holocaust and its victims are remembered and that they are never repeated.”

Mr. Lustig’s award recognizes his long-time commitment to Holocaust education and commemoration. This commitment includes producing Schindler’s List as well as maintaining a long and close relationship with many of the survivors on the Board of the Los Angeles Museum.

Dr. Maislinger will be recognized for his work establishing the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service Program. Since its creation in 1992, Austrian Holocaust Memorial Servants have fulfilled their mandatory military service by volunteering at Holocaust institutions throughout the world. Over 400 volunteers have served at institutions all around the world to date.

Dr. Maislinger, who studied law and political science in Innsbruck, Austria and later worked with the University of Innsbruck, fought to obtain official recognition of alternative, philanthropic service for over 10 years.

Mr. Rauch volunteered in the Museum during his summer break from Dartmouth. Based on his accomplishments as a student, he helped translate numerous Holocaust-related German documents and provided appropriate contextual information for them. He assisted the Museum’s education program and worked in the administrative office, among other functions. Museum officials found his skills, work ethic and commitment to the Museum’s mission extraordinary.