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JUN 22, 2018

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust Decries Family Separation

We at Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust are compelled to decry the unjust and inhumane treatment of refugees seeking safety at America’s borders.

Founded by Holocaust survivors in 1961, our Museum teaches young people every day about the dangers of “otherism,” the cruelty of separating families, and the clear imperative to provide sanctuary to dispossessed refugees seeking safety. As we know from the experiences of our Holocaust survivors, the trauma of dehumanization and family separation lasts a lifetime and is passed on to one’s children and grandchildren.

We are a nation of immigrants, enriched every day by the diversity and creativity that emanate from our differences.

Now is the time for all in America to speak on behalf of those seeking refuge who have been rendered voiceless by the cruelty of imprisonment, separation from their loved ones and the denial of basic human rights. As we teach at Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, silence is complicity.

Beth Kean, Executive Director

Paul S. Nussbaum, President and CEO