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JAN 31, 2018

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust Condemns Proposed Polish Law Outlawing Mention of Polish Complicity

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust strongly condemns the proposed Polish law that would make it illegal to speak of Polish complicity in Nazi atrocities committed on its soil during the Holocaust. While thousands of Polish gentiles risked their lives to save Polish Jews during the Holocaust, many others joined in persecution of Jews, by identifying Jews in hiding, participating in roundups and deportations, looting Jewish property, and even killing Jews during and after the Holocaust.

"I am appalled by the efforts of the current Polish government to deny the history of the involvement and collaboration of some Poles in the attempted genocide of the entire Jewish people on Polish soil," said Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust President Paul S. Nussbaum. "As I expressed to Polish government officials when I visited Poland last summer, we condemn the Poles who helped murder Polish Jews and honor those who rescued Polish Jews. We all must have the courage to face our history, no matter how painful, in order to inspire a better future."