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JUL 6, 2016

LAMOTH raises the curtain on Holocaust remembrance films

The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust (LAMOTH) presents the inaugural Holocaust Remembrance Film Series beginning on Thursday, July 14 with a screening of “Woman in Gold.”

“LAMOTH is honored to launch this film series here in Los Angeles, the center of filmmaking, which is also home to the second largest Holocaust survivor community in the United States,” said Samara Hutman, LAMOTH’s executive director,

The inaugural series is devoted to the theme “Hollywood takes on the Holocaust.” It also features the Golden Globe winner “Conspiracy” on July 21; the Academy Award winning “Schindler’s List” on July 28; Academy Award winner “Genocide” on Aug.4; and the Oscar-nominated film “The Stranger” on Aug. 11. “The Stranger” stars Orson Welles and is one of the first Hollywood films to address the crimes of the Holocaust.

Filmgoers can attend afternoon and evening screenings with panel discussions between the two screenings. The panelist for “Woman in Gold” is Randy Schoenberg, an attorney who was portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in the film.

The film series was launched with the support of the Teicholz Holocaust Remembrance Film Fund at LAMOTH. The fund will support the annual film series as well as an academic conference to meet once every three years to discuss the Holocaust as depicted in film.

The Holocaust Remembrance Film Fund was established by Tom Teicholz, an award-winning journalist who has written extensively about the Holocaust. Admission to the film series is free; donations are appreciated.

“I believe deeply that this film series will have a major impact on educating, informing and perpetuating Holocaust remembrance, and that Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust is the right place, in the right city at the right time to do so,” Teicholz said.

LAMOTH is located at 100 The Grove Drive in Pan Pacific Park. For information, call (323)651-3704, or visit

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