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APR 28, 2010

LAMOTH announces winners of 2nd annual short film competition

Film has become one of the most powerful international languages and tools for learning history. It has become paramount that we begin to interpret the Holocaust through the moving image. In light of this notion, the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust invited filmmakers of all ages to submit entries into the 2nd annual short film competition.

This year's theme was "Memory, Tragedy, and Truth". Contestants were encouraged to explore any and all aspects of the Holocaust, as well as take into consideration what this year's theme really meant to them.

The 2nd annual short film competition was judged by an internationally acclaimed panel. The judges included: Kate Amend, Editor, Oscar® winning Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport, Oscar® winning The Long Way Home, Jon Kean, Writer, Producer, Director, Swimming in Auschwitz, Kill the Man, and Deborah Oppenheimer, Producer, Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of the Kindertransport, President, Mohawk Productions at Warner Bros.

And the winners are...

1st Place - Leather Jude by Evan Pondel

Leather Jude is a documentary that depicts the experiences of Holocaust survivor and master saddle maker Hans Biglajzer. The film juxtaposes Hans' life as a survivor of the Holocaust and a survivor in the dying trade of saddle making. This years themes of memory, tragedy and truth are woven into the story of Hans' survival.

Evan Pondel is the grandson of Holocaust survivors. He has many years experience as a journalist, writing for many well known publications including The Jewish Journal. Evan is a master's candidate in specialized journalism with an emphasis in documentary film at the University of Southern California.

Please click the link bellow to view Evan's film, Leather Jude.


2nd Place - Shavor Lev (Broken Heart) by Todd Vaters

Shavor Lev features the Hatikvah, the Israeli National Anthem. The film focuses on the lyrics and message of the song while incorporating words and images that emphasize the memory, tragedy, and truth of the Holocaust.

Todd Vaters is a musician, artist and filmmaker who began his creative passions at an early age. Todd has spent many years focusing on music and songwriting. Only recently has Todd taken to using his songs, along with his original art work and filmmaking skills to create videos.

Please click the link bellow to view Todd's film, Shavor Lev.


3rd Place - The Resister by Noah Schneider

The Resister is an animated feature that depicts the true story of Lucie Vanosmael, who at the young age of 14 joined the Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust. This film is meant to be a testament to Lucie Vanosmael's courage and bravery, as well as the many others like her who resisted injustice in the face of evil.

Noah Schneider is a 14 year old filmmaker who has studied the art of computer animation on his own. Noah became interested in the Holocaust when he read about Anne Frank in school. Lucie Vanosmael's story was particularly interesting to Noah because he is the same age Lucie was when she joined the Resistance in 1941.

Please click on the link below to view Noah's film, The Resister.


Honorable Mention - Fate and History of the Jewish Community in Altdorf by Garry Slater

Fate and History of the Jewish Community in Altdorf is a film that explores the story of a synagogue in Altdorf, Germany which was desecrated and destroyed during World War II, but was eventually restored to its past glory where it is now used for art exhibitions featuring Jewish artists and writers. The film focuses on memory, tragedy, and truth through the incredible life of the building and its history.

Garry Slater has travelled and worked in Europe his entire life. In 1991 Garry moved to the small German village of Altdorf where he discovered the amazing story of the town's synagogue.

Please click the link bellow to view Garry's film, Fate and History of the Jewish Community in Altdorf.


Congratulations to all of our winners! Keep checking our website, Facebook and Twitter for information on our future competitions.