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APR 19, 2012

Jspace Tours the World's Holocaust Museums for Yom HaShoah

By: Jspace Staff


Yad Vashem

Perhaps the most famous Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem was established in 1953. Israel’s official memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, the museum is the second most visited tourist site in Israel after the Western Wall. The Mount Herzl site not only hosts the historical museum, but also provides WWII education, victim documentation, and honors non-Jews with Righteous Among the Nations.

Jewish Museum Berlin

Covering two millennium of German Jewish history, the new Jewish Museum in Berlin opened in 2001, after Nazis closed the original in 1938. Though financial problems plagued the reconstruction, the finished buildings are a stunning representation of the now fractured Jewish community.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

In the Unites States, the official Holocaust museum is in Washington DC. Dedicated in 1993, USHMM has dedicated itself to helping the people of the world confront hatred and prevent genocide from happening ever again. Amazingly, more than 90 percent of the museum’s 30 million visitors are not Jewish.

Museum of Tolerance

Originally opening in 1993 in Los Angeles, the Museum of Tolerance uses multi-media to examine racism and prejudice in the United States and the world. A third of the 350,000 annual visitors are school-aged children, and the museum was featured in the 2007 film “Freedom Writers.”

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

The oldest Holocaust museum in America, the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust was founded after a group of survivors realized the need for a home for their artifacts from the War. Over the decades, the museum has made groundbreaking strides in outreach, dialogue, teacher training, and traveling exibits. LAMOTH, which is always free and open to the public, opened at its new permanent home in Pan Pacific Park in 2010.

Museum of Jewish Heritage

The Museum of Jewish Heritage, located on the banks of the Hudson in New York City, honors the victims of the Holocaust by celebrating their lives. First opened in 1997, the museum bills itself as a living memorial to the Holocaust. Two biblical quotes define the museum’s mission and describe its perspective on recent Jewish history: “Remember, Never Forget” and “There Is Hope For Your Future.”

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center is the main memorial and education center dedicated to the Holocaust in the Midwestern United States. Beginning as a small storefront operation in 1981, the museum has grown into a new campus co-designed by Yitzchak Mais, the former director of Yad Vashem.






Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage

Founded in 2005, Ohio’s Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage is simply devoted to building tolerance and sharing Jewish heritage with a concentration on the American experience. Their permanent collection “An American Story” features interactive exhibits about the horrors of the Holocaust and the founding of the state of Israel.


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