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SEP 20, 2011

LAMH Named Top Ten LA Building by La Vie Magazine

In the August 2011 issue of the Chinese magazine La Vie, Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust was named among the Top Ten architectural structures in Los Angeles.

Below is a translation of the article:

2010 Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, Belzberg Architects

The new and impressive building for the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust  is a 15 million dollar creation by local Belzberg Architects. This unique design was based on the vision and idea that the building would be half underground and lower than the horizon to perfectly blend into the surrounding area.

One of its most unique parts is the moving line idea with the marvelous fit of the spaces and rooms. The visitors to the Museum can see and feel the brightness in the beginning and as it gradually gets darker to symbolize the darkness of history. The Museum goes from bright to dark and finally back to bright to symbolize hope again. The architect believes that all humans can learn the lessons and teachings profoundly in their heart through experiencing the darkness to the brightness and feeling the change.